Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grand jury: No criminal charges in raid that injured toddler in Habersham County, GA

Consider the following excerpt from a news article:

In their 15-page presentment, the grand jury found no cause for criminal charges against the any deputies involved in the botched SWAT raid. but they had plenty to say about the investigation.

The jury called it “sloppy and hurried” and “not in accordance with best practices.” The grand jury said while they want law enforcement to pursue drug dealers “the zeal to hold them accountable must not override cautious and patient judgment.”

They went on to say “there should be no such thing as an emergency drug investigation.”

A sheriff’s task force said they had a witness to drug sales at the home and expected to find a known drug dealer inside. They obtained a no-knock warrant. Instead, they encountered the child and his parents sleeping just beyond this door.

To that point, the grand jury recommended “that every effort should be made in determining presence of children.”

“What stood out to me is how hard they worked and struggled,” said District Attorney Brian Rickman.

Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh asked Rickman, “A lot of people have said throughout this that if a flash bang, a grenade, exploded inside a child’s crib, something went wrong. A lot of people were hoping that someone would be held accountable.”

Rickman said, “To answer the question that’s absolutely true. I think what people have to be careful about -- there’s a difference in criminal responsibility versus, of course there will be a civil lawsuit, but also some of the personal accountability.

There is still an ongoing criminal investigation with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The grand jury wants their findings read to the entire Georgia Assembly. They believe the tragedy that happened in Habersham County could happen to any community and they don't want any other children hurt.

The family’s spokesman said the parents are distraught and not satisfied. The spokesman said they will likely move forward with civil suit. They plan a news conference Tuesday to discuss the future plans in more detail.


And yet there remain those who maintain the grand jury system as the best tool for settling issues of justice. It requires a very special brand of blind to hold this position in the face of the endless parade of travesties such as this. That parade serves only to prove to me that there is no formal system of governance upon which one may rely in order to best ensure the freedoms and rights of one and all. ANYTHING can be perverted.

I recently watched "The Stand" and in the third episode the "Abagail" [sic] character reams the people of the "Free Zone", warning them away from their "central committee" as being nothing more than the misguided attempt to bring back to life the same old shackles from which the plague had freed the survivors. It is a frightful thing to witness the fearful childishness of "adults" as they cling to that which is familiar, and therefore comfortable. Just look at the Russians, some years after the collapse of the Soviet Union - they were clamoring to return to the "good old days". Those were not adults, but idiot children in grown-up bodies. What real adult would ever wish for a return to the fear, privation, lack of basic freedoms, ad openly stupid tyranny? But for those imbeciles that was all just dandy so long as they got free stuff, enough to wretch their way through the abject misery of their lives. The familiar was comfortable and that is what a great plurality of humanity wants in preference to freedom, true prosperity, and the attendant responsibilities for one's own self. Heaven forbid one be responsible.

We don't need "system". We need attitude and action pursuant thereto. The right attitude. We need the Golden Rule burned indelibly into the hearts of all men, along with the attitude not of tolerance, but of ultimate intolerance of any and all who would violate the Rule. The speak of tolerance as it has devolved in America needs to be amended away from the indiscriminate nonsense into which it has been mangled and back to propriety. What the progressives have succeeded so wildly in accomplishing has been to train the average man's mind away from the habit of adept discrimination in his assessment of what is tolerable vis-à-vis that which is not, and toward a blanket assessment that says, "it's all good". This has proven a wholesale disaster not for America alone, but for the entire world.

What has been carved out of the contemporary application and tacit definition of "tolerance" is precisely the fact that there are things which are not tolerable. The notion exists, but only tacitly and simplistically to address any intolerance - the one and only thing that Theye accept as "intolerable", along with disobedience of one's masters. Intolerance and disobedience are intolerable for Themme and the world has eaten this up like candy such that any courageous and thinking man should quake in his boots at the thought of this frightful turn of the human spirit toward the pitch-black.

We need a return to the sanity of discretion and discernment, which means a return to the habit and acceptance of responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. With that return to responsibility must come the ability to determine that which is intolerable and to deal with such with the stark non-equivocation of men who know right from wrong and assume the responsibility of defending their just titles from all challengers and threats thereto.

Perhaps more than anything else, it has been the individual renunciation of responsibility that has landed the race of men in its current circumstance of very hot water as we, the people of the living world, teeter on a knife's edge of sorrows we can neither comprehend nor accept as real and imminent, awaiting us in the abyss below.

There are those who will way "you cannot take the law into your own hands".


Remember, we ARE the law. The law is born into each of us and it has been discovered long past. It is up to each of us to rediscover it, to make it our own, and to enforce it with unbending intent such that each man is guaranteed his rightful place in the world, but not a whit more than that of his brothers. All who presume greater right than his fellows must be stopped and either resized to propriety, or removed from the book of life if need be. THAT is the only viable solution, but it takes work and responsibility and in the end we are all faced with making the decision of what is more important to us, our liberties or our trinkets.

Time is here.

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.