I am introducing a new English noun: MereCog.

A MereCog is anyone who is not Themme but labors for Theire ends. MereCogs are units whose sole purpose is to serve the Machine. The Machine is the totality of material and concept upon which Theire lives are built.

Theye live palatially. Theye consume lavishly. Theye travel luxuriously. Theye are able to do all this solely through the agency of the MereCog. whose collective effort builds and maintains that which Theye so obviously covet and waggle in the faces of their inferiors.

The properties of the MereCog are as follow:

  1. Numerous
  2. Largely fungible, though not universally so
  3. Inferior to Themme in attitude and position
  4. Mostly ignorant of their own status as MereCogs
  5. Mostly uncaring that they are MereCogs, to the extent they realize their status.
  6. Mostly unwilling to change their status, wanting better, but not enough to make the changes, often hoping or even demanding someone make the alterations for them.
  7. Mostly well-trained to their stations as MereCogs
  8. Most often refusing to think beyond the metes and bounds of their roles as MereCogs 
  9. Willing to fight to maintain the status quo between Themme and MereCogs
  10. Willing to be consumed for the glory of the Machinery of their servitude and destruction
  11. Willing and eager to destroy those who are neither Themme or MereCog
  12. Venomously hateful of the independently intelligent, self-respecting man
  13. Violently unwilling relinquish the comfort of the familiarity of their status as MereCogs
  14. Unwilling to break free from the assumptions that lock their thinking into the MereCog track.
  15. Glory in their status as belonging to something greater than themselves.
  16. Fearful and hateful of freedom
  17. Often "nice" and/or possessing otherwise seemingly good human qualities.