Friday, July 23, 2010

This a response I gave to the statement someone posted on another site:

"Once again the state reveals its true nature."
No. Individuals reveal their true nature when empowered by the fictional entity called "the state" to which most people surrender their sovereignty, freedom, and rights. There is no such thing as "the state", for it has no material reality of its own. "The state" is nothing more than an idea, the lines of which most people toe in mindless obedience and which are nothing greater than the machinations of other individuals, whether working alone or in concert to attain some goal at the expense of others.

"The state" is the King's new clothes. That's right kiddies, the king is naked as a buck and has been from day one. There has never once existed any naturally inherent and self-extant authority in the hands of any king or "state". The only authority that has ever existed is that to which the mindless, unthinking mass of ignorant and lazy humanity has acceded or that the swords of those calling themselves "the state" have taken by brute and criminal force. It is all a shell game - a great steaming pile of festering lies and outright threats against your very lives.

What if "the state" were replaced by the old Italian Mafia? What would be different? Nothing but the label - but were it the Mafia, people would be more likely to identify it for what it is: a mob of thugs assuming power and authority by the threat and application of force against the rest pursuant to whatever goals might be at hand. So why, then, are so many people so utterly and terminally blind that they cannot come to the same realization when "Mafia" is erased and "the state" written in its place?

"The state" is the modern replacement and equivalent of "god" from the days when that mob calling itself "the church" ruled men. As unavoidable change made itself felt in the world such that even the repressive hand of the nearly omnipotent church could not prevent it - as "science" and invention revealed even unto the ignorant certain readily demonstrable truths that brought the unquestionable into question, those in power were  threatened with the loss of position and therefore needed a new gimmick - a new lie that, just as "god" had served them for so long, would also serve. The main requirement would be that it possess the character of being unquestionable, thereby rendering it practically unassailable. "The state" became that lie and for the past 500 +/- years it has increasingly done just that. "The state" became the new "god", only far more impregnable, far more credible, and the people fell for it, hook line, and sinker as they continue to do to this very day.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE STATE" save that which floats about within the confines of peoples' skulls. If you doubt this, then prove me wrong. Demonstrate the existence of "the state". Show that upon which a man may place his hand and say "this is the state, yes". Try it. I dare each and every one of you to try. If I had any money, I would post a reward - a large one too - for anyone demonstrating the material reality of "the state".

Better start harvesting the clues quickly folks, because time is now pretty short and it is precisely in these small and most often overlooked details that the greater truths slip past us. We are now at a threshold and once crossed, chances are next to zero that we will be able to make it back in our lifetime. Think about that awhile - do you really want to spend the rest of your life in a world even Orwell couldn't have dreamt up? That is precisely where we are heading - we're, in fact, at the doorstep, knocking to be let in. Consider all this carefully before deciding what you will do or not do.

If you want liberty, you have to get your heads out of your shorts and get back to the very bottom-most basics of sense and sensibility. Without that, you are all wasting your time. Drop the bad habits and start thinking for once about what it is you are really saying. Question your most basic assumptions and modes of expression. Chances are you will find plenty to correct if your intent and analytical abilities are there. Otherwise, fess up and stop wasting your time so you can return to the important things in life, like, the toot, and fast foods. Life is short.

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