Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Just a few moments ago I gave the following response in the form of a comment to a video I saw that addressed the clear dementia of the current and purported president of the United States, Joe Biden. It's not the first time I've made mention of the points and to be honest, I often feel like a broken record, but I also recognize that being so is the only way that people may one day finally twig to the truth of things. The manner and degree to which Americans have been cowed and fooled by the propaganda ministers remains a source of borderline disbelief for me. That some people, and far too many of them, could be so willfully ignorant and at times outrightly stupid, is something around which I cannot wrap my thoughts no matter how hard I try.

It all seems almost paradoxical that anyone could choose to be so wholly blinded to the most basic sense. This phony baloney "pandemic" is a perfect case in point. There is so much wrong with all of it, and yet countless millions of Americans (forget the rest of the world) have swallowed the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. How is this even possible? Do I live on the same planet? Is it me? Am I the one who has gone off the deep end? Seriously folks, I doubt my sanity at times, given what I witness because it makes no sense to me at all.

That aside, the video in question points out just how cognitively impaired Biden appears to be, citing our decaying relations with foreign nations, the now and once again faltering economy, etc., to which I commented:

Given all these results, the economy going into the toilet etc., it should be clear that the fedgov has far too much power. The sword has two edges and when you put scoundrels into office, which is what we do most of the time, things get worse.


GOVERNMENT makes it so. Not the people. Government.

And whose fault is this? Yours. Mine. Ours. It's all our fault because we are all too corrupted with lassitude and fear to do the jobs of governance ourselves, the way it is supposed to be. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that "government" is the only thing that saves us from chaos and destruction, which is ironic in the wake of the truth that it is "government" that has been the cause of virtually all chaos and destruction in the world.

WE are supposed to be the governors; not a mob of psychopathic lunatics whose ideas and intentions are questionable on their best days. But we don't want to do it, so we hand our lives over to maniacs who rob us and reduce and degrade us to the greatest degree of servitude to THEM with which they feel they can get away. And we allow it. Hell, we demand it much of the time. We are like a race of small children who look to mom when they get a booboo, only it's adults who look to "government" for answers every time something is perceived as having gone amiss. It's all a very sad joke, and every last stinking one of us are living it and urging it on as we complain about how bad things are. But we never DO anything of substance. Vote harder? Write your congressman?

So until we proceed to misbehave in serious fashion, we will get ever more of what we say we don't want. And we will deserve ever last grain of the degradations and idiocies that they heap upon us.

We're not worthy of freedom and we will remain unworthy until such time as we cowboy up and reclaim our self-respect BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Our corruptions as a population will be our undoing, and it is that to which we are now all bearing witness, whether or not we will admit it.

Once again I ask: is this what you want for your children?  Is this the world you wish to hand over to posterity?  Will the young be left with even enough sense to curse us for having yoked them with mere existence, devoid of anything worthy of life?

Slowly I am getting old and don't have much time left on this world, so perhaps I stand within arm's reach of no longer caring.  But what of you younger people who have children, or perhaps grandchildren?  Is this really an acceptable legacy to leave those you presumably profess to love?  Are you so corrupted with fear that you will not stand tall and say "NO FURTHER!!!"?  Thus far, it appears to be the case.  Why?  

What is so sweet about your current state and status that you would allow a small cadre of ravingly mad tyrants do you, your community, your state, and your nation in this manner?  What goes on at this very moment is so baldly idiotic that no man with a whit of sense, decency, and courage is going to look at it and say that this is valid and representative of reality.  This is ham-fisted political theater, courtesy of the "state", all intended to... well, what, exactly?  I'd say to train you ever further to blind and unquestioning obedience, this pandemic lie being perhaps the prime example of just how ridiculous the play has become.

And yet accept it, many of us do.  Far too many of us.  Is there no bottom to the depth of degradation and danger to which Theye can subject you where you will finally stand up and refuse?  Thus far, the answer is a clear and unequivocal "no".  What a shame, that a race of meat-eaters has allowed itself to be slowly and cunningly switched over to a diet of grass.

It will be interesting for an old goat like myself to sit back and watch to see what ultimately transpires here in these United States.  I cannot say my sense of optimism has been sharpened in any measure of late.  Fool that I am, I nonetheless maintain some shred of hope that we the people will somehow hit bottom and that it will not have come too late and that we will rise in our terror and disgust, and find the right targets and smite them and slay them and, having returned at least in some reasonable part to sense, go about setting things back to the rails of proper human relations.

May humanity find the Good Way.

Until then, please accept my best wishes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"Government" Is The Result Of Human Corruption

 The reason this world has "government" is because of the corruption of the average human being.

Governance is the responsibility of every human being.  But instead of rising to that requirement of freedom, we demur, content to leave that role to others.  We entrust fast talking strangers with our liberties, health, happiness, and prosperity, yet fail to hold them to that trust.  Our corruption as individuals and as an abstract collective is so deep and vast, that when those in positions of ostensible authority violate us, the most we seem to do now is complain.

It is because of our failures to treat ourselves with respect that those in whom we have vested the Public Trust consequently have no respect for us and treat us with such open contempt.  Until that changes, the scoundrels we install in public office will continue to encroach upon us.

The solutions are simple and rest with every last one of us.  

They may not, however, be easy - but what's your life worth?  Those of your children?

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.

Amendment XXIX


We are living in historic times, which means not only are certain things tough, but that we stand at a nexus, our choices likely to affect the quality of our lives from this point forward, as well as those of our posterity for long years and decades to come.  It therefore behooves us to make our choices carefully. Let us go not from pan into fire, but rather let us move with strong and intelligent force to preserve our liberty and cultivate it towards ever greater perfection.  This would prove a diametric departure from what we have been doing since at least the time of the Civil War, since which we have gone in the precise opposite direction, allowing those in positions of practical power to ever elide our Rights, most often under the pretext of some crisis, real or conjured.

To that end, I propose we call an Article V Convention of the states and in that forum, put forth for ratification a Twenty Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  This Amendment specifies in clear language the duties, obligations, and responsibilities of integrity and performance to which all sworn Public servants must adhere and comport themselves during their tenures as such.  

Amendment 29 further specifies the punishments to be meted in cases where such servants, the Instruments of "state" and "government", violate their oaths of good faith and competent service.  Those punishments are severe, to say the least, often including long prison sentences at hard labor, and may include death as the ultimate penalty.  In addition, their families shall not rest immune in any case where they may be deemed as having shared culpability in the relevant crimes, profited from them in any way whatsoever, regardless of how indirectly, or having had even the least hint of something being amiss, failed to report their suspicions to the people.

The objective of this Amendment is to make the work of anyone in "government" so fraught with real and immediate danger where failure, mishap, and criminal acts are concerned, that none but the most pure of heart, utter competence, and steadfast trustworthiness would so much as consider such positions of Special Trust.  The consequences of failure, much less criminal action, for those who choose to become Instruments of governance, must be precisely so severe in order to dissuade all but the most pathologically criminal among us to eschew the burdens of Public service for the sheer terror that the gravities must rightly instill.   As for that tiny minority of willful miscreants, the punishments stand to cross their names from the gene pool.

Therefore, and in further pursuance of the goal of holding "government" on an infinitesimally short lead, I present for your edification and the ostensible salvation of humanity's last remaining bastion of hope for its own freedoms, the rightful and proper Twenty Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:

Amendment XXIX

Because individuals holding Public office and other governmental appointments occupy positions of Special Trust, they must be sternly held to a higher standard of behavior.   Intent of action is irrelevant to the actual results that arise from the choices made by those in such positions.  It is only to the results of those choices to which the People, meaning every individual American, must turn their attentions and considerations where such choices result in the violation, diminution, or other disparagement of the Rights of innocent men, for no man holds the least authority to violate said Rights.  This is trebly so of those who choose to take up the mantle of the Public Trust, and for that reason we amend this Constitution as follows.

The purpose of this Amendment is to address the unjust results of those Servants who fail to uphold their sworn oaths, whether through design, incompetence, or mishap, and to specify the hazards all such individuals shall face for the commission of Crimes and Violations against those to whom they swore their oaths of good faith and competent service.

Free Men stand under the constant threat of those who would see them subdued and reduced in status to some form and degree of servitude.  It matters no whit whence, but when “government” in any form or fraction thereof becomes the source of such threats, the risks to life, limb, and other properties of Free Men are most acutely set to hazard and damage.

This Amendment seeks to reduce the means and abilities by which any government Instrument may be set against the Free Men of America by outlining in detail the limits to be placed upon all such Instruments, as well as the hazards they face in the event of any violation of the Rights of a Free Man.  It further reasserts the powers of Free Men to resist violations by “government”.

I. Definitions

This section shall set forth and define all special terms used in this Amendment

Act of Governance

Any action undertaken by an Instrument or group thereof under the authority of either a duly sworn warrant, or as the result of witnessing the real and immediate commission of a criminal act by an individual or group thereof.

Any action taken by Free Men in defense against Violations or other Crimes committed by other Instruments, or other Free Men.  Such actions may also be taken when “government” proves itself unworthy of the Public Trust, rendering such Instruments unreliable as to the proper discharge of the duties to which they swore Oaths of Good Faith and Competent Service.

Amended Crime [Violation]

An Amended Crime is one where the perpetrator has made sufficient reparations to his victim for each criminal act to assess said victim as having been remade as whole in terms of every loss suffered at the hands of the perpetrator.

A sufficiently Amended Violation shall be deemed as not a Crime.

Crime [Violation]

For the purposes of this Amendment, a Crime is any Unamended Violation committed in trespass of the Sovereign Rights of Free Men who cannot be demonstrated prima facie to have committed any criminal act warranting governing action.  Such action may only be undertaken by Instruments where criminal action is being witnessed as taking place in real time, or has been alleged under oath and affirmation by an individual or group thereof, resulting in an actionable warrant which shall most narrowly specify the actions to be taken and the service of which shall be confined strictly to its specifications and other instructions.  Any actions taken outside the metes and bounds of such specifications shall call for in-depth investigation by third-parties unrelated to any individual or his related organizations or agencies, to determine whether such excursions from specifications were avoidable, and thereby punishable.

Any individual, whether Instrument or Free Man, who bears intentional Formal false witness against any individual, whether Instrument or Free Man, shall face the same hazards as those to which he or they put, or would have put, the falsely accused.

All Crimes are Violations, but not all Violations are Crimes.  Crimes are a proper subset of Violations.


Any human individual living within the territorial borders of the United States of America who has committed a Crime, or is living under Criminal Debt, having been previously and duly convicted of a Crime.

That which constitutes a Crime.

Criminal Debt

That which is owed by an individual in consequence of having been duly convicted of a criminal act in a court of Law, by a jury of one’s peers or, in the case of those who act under sworn oaths of good faith and competent service, those who have been violated or act on their behalf.

A Criminal Debt may include material assets, as well as time such as that comprising a prison sentence, or a death penalty. 

Anything penal or compensatory in nature as assessed against a Public Instrument duly convicted of a Crime as part of what they owe in restitution to their victims and/or as punishment for the deeds of which they have been duly convicted.

Formal/Formal Act

A Formal Act is one made so as to incite an official act of governance.

Any act committed as part of an act of governance, such as a trial, sworn deposition, grand jury testimony, etc..

Free Man

Any human individual not living under Criminal Debt.

Instrument, “Government Instrument”, "Public Instrument"

Any individual who has been elected to Public office, whether by the people, by a Public body, or by any other means whatsoever.

Any individual appointed to any Public office or other Public position by any means whatsoever.

Any individual hired as a Public employee to any Public position whatsoever.

Any individual Publicly contracted to discharge any Public duties whatsoever.

This applies not only to individuals, but any group thereof imaginable that might be elected, appointed, hired, or contracted pursuant to Public duties.

These three terms are perfect analogs.

Furthermore, an Instrument is also the product of any individual, or group thereof in positions of Special Trust and service, the enactment or other application of which results in violations of the Rights of Free Men.


Anything or anyone vested in the Public Trust

Anything funded through taxation, whether in whole or in part. 

All Public personnel occupy Positions of Public Trust.

All Public endeavors are vested of the Public Trust.

The specifications of this definition applies to any and all levels and forms of governance/"government", whether federal, state, county, city, or village, etc..  There is no form, level, type, category, or degree of “government” to which this definition does not apply.  All Public business, positions, and endeavors fall under this definition. 

 No Public office, agency, Instrumentality, goal, objective, or endeavor may be labeled or categorized as not being Public.  Any such mislabeling or  false categorization, or misuse, or misapplication shall constitute a Crime.

Public Trust/ Special Trust

"Public Trust" and "Special Trust" are perfect synonyms and are interchangeable.

A Special Trust is the trust of the People, taken as individuals and as an abstract collective, provisionally and conditionally granted to Instruments for the purposes of the discharge of their Public duties, all of which fall under the provisions of their sworn oaths of Good Faith and Competent Service.  This trust is special in that it is assumed that those so vested in that trust shall not violate in in any manner or in any degree and any time, or for what reason whatsoever.  To violate the Public Trust is to have committed the most grave sort of Crime.

The condition of the grant is that and Instrument never violate the Public Trust, whether through intent, incompetence, or mishap.  Any such violation immediately divests the Instrument of his position of Special Trust and places him at risk of facing charges for a Crime.

Restored Man

The moment a Criminal Debt is discharged in full, the convict is restored to full Rights and may no longer be referred to as “convict”, save to state the fact that he was once convicted of a Crime.

In the case of Instruments, restoration is limited as specified herein.

Unamended Crime/Violation

An Unamended Crime is one where the perpetrator is either incapable of, or unwilling to make whole the victims upon whom he has committed a Violation.

In the case of incapacity, the Crime committed may not be regarded as being aggravated beyond the usual measure of such a Crime.  For example, in the case of death resulting from the Crime, there is no means of restoring the victim to wholeness.

In the case of no will to amend, the Crime committed may be regarded as being aggravated beyond the usual measure of such a Crime.  For example, in the case of theft, the perpetrator refuses to return the stolen items to his victim, despite his ability to do so, or provide said victim with a suitable replacement.

An Unamended Violation shall stand prima facie as a Crime against its victim.


A violation is any act committed by a government Instrument, as such, in trespass against the Sovereign Rights of any individual.  Prevailing circumstances provide no defense for Instruments who act to violate Free Men, but may provide mitigating relief in cases of Amended Crimes where sentencing is to be considered.  Unamended Violations and Crimes are perfect analogs.

Any Violation committed that was based on information proven false, shall not constitute a crime, provided all good restitutions are made.  In such cases of “innocent” violations, those ultimately responsible for providing false information shall be held to account for their failures in the relevant instances.  This responsibility includes all individuals making official statements of facts they cannot substantiate as being true.  Such individuals may be Instruments, witnesses, or those of other involvements in the relevant matter.

Regardless of circumstances, any Instrument who commits a Violation, or contributes to the commitment of a Violation, shall at minimum be held responsible in part or in whole for reparations to the victims.

Any and all contraventions, breaches, breaking, nonobservance, disobedience, defiance, flouting, neglect, ignoring, or disruption of one's sworn Oath of Good Faith and Competent Service constitutes a Violation.  All Unamended Violations are Crimes.

II. Limits of Action

Under no circumstance, including those of declared “emergencies” and “crises” shall any Instrument be empowered to violate the inherent Rights of Free Men within the territorial boundaries of the United States of America, nor those of any American citizen who may be abroad of those bounds.

The Bill of Rights, as embodied in Amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, reign supreme, all other considerations and purports to governmental authority waning to near vanishing in the shadows of those enumerations, most especially Amendments II, IX, and I.

III. Waiver of Rights

Where matters concerning the duties of an Instrument’s office and position are concerned, prior to perfection of the Instrument, the individual must agree to a waiver of certain Constitutional protections.  The waiver shall include the following:

  1. Right to privacy
  2. Right to free speech (limited)
  3. Right to remain silent
  4. Right to not self-incriminate
  5. Right to legal counsel

Pursuant to these waivers, all Instruments agree to answer fully and with complete candor and honesty, with no omissions of truth, all questions put to them during investigations of possible Crimes and Violations committed by themselves or other Instruments against Free Men.

Refusal to answer in the ways required shall constitute a Crime in sé, shall constitute prima facie proof of one’s criminal intent, and shall result in one year at hard labor with no possibility of parole, for each count.

Instruments deemed by investigating and prosecuting authorities to be of a lesser culpability, may trade sentencing for information deemed to be of extraordinary value by said authorities in pursuit of those of greater culpability.  Under no circumstance shall a sentence be reduced below that of one year at hard labor.

In all cases the Instrument shall lose his position as such and shall be forever barred from securing any position of Special Trust.

These restrictions, as they apply to their tenures of service as Instruments, shall remain in effect for twenty years as of the last day of their service as an Instrument. 

IV. Amended Violations

Any Instrument convicted of a Crime or other Violation and who amends his deeds sufficient to the victim’s assessment shall have their penalties reduced in severity as judge and victim(s) shall agree.  

In all cases, the Instrument shall lose his position as such and shall be forever barred from securing any position of Special Trust.

V. Unamended Violations

Any Instrument convicted of a Crime or other Violation and who is either incapable of making proper amends due to the nature of the Crime, or his incapacity, shall endure the full force of penalties but may be shown consideration if the victims accede to it unanimously.

In the case where the convicted refuses to make amends where he might otherwise be able to do so, the Crime shall stand as aggravated and the convict shall bear the full force of penalties, with neither consideration nor mercy,  the victim(s) having no say in the matters of such consideration or mercy.

In all cases, the Instrument shall lose his position as such and shall be forever barred from securing any position of Special Trust.

VI. Penalties and Exoneration 

Those convicted of Crimes or other Violations as Instruments of government shall bear the following penalties:

  1. Immediate loss of office/position, as well as all benefits, Rights, privileges, and protections attached thereto.
  2. Prohibition from holding any Public office or other position of Public Trust, whether elected, appointed, hired, or contracted, for life.
  3. All properties and other assets of the Instrument and his immediate family shall be forfeit.  Any properties transferred to other parties, which can be demonstrated to have been so transferred as a measure to avoid forfeiture, including those so transferred within  two years prior to having assumed his first position of Special Trust, shall come nonetheless equally under forfeiture.
  4. Any family member, friend, or other associate of the Instrument who can be proven to have had knowledge of the Crime(s) in question and who failed to come forward to expose said Crime(s) shall be held equally guilty and shall endure equal penalties.
  5. Unamended Crimes shall be punished with not less than one year at hard labor and not more than life at hard labor, save those that constitute Treason, which shall punished by Public execution.
  6. Instruments may not be pardoned for their Crimes by anyone, including the President.  Any attempt to pardon a convicted instrument shall constitute a Crime.
  7. Any Instrument falsely convicted of a Crime and who has been exonerated through sufficient post-trial evidence shall be immediately restored in all ways to his pre-conviction condition.  All parties responsible for such miscarriages of justice shall be held criminally culpable for the results of false conviction, including all witnesses who bore false testimony.  There shall be no exceptions.
  8. Any failure of responsible parties to bring the proper charges against those for whom formal charges have been made and a prima facie case exists, shall be guilty of a Crime and shall be punished without trial to not less than one year at hard labor.
  9. Any Instrument convicted of intentionally obstructing justice pursuant to his service as an Instrument, or that of any other Instrument, shall be sentenced to not less than twenty years at hard labor with no possibility of parole.
  10. Any individual convicted of falsely formally accusing, or intentionally bearing false witness against an Instrument shall be sentenced double that which the Instrument would have received.
  11. Any individual convicted of having caused the false conviction and punishment of an instrument shall be sentenced trebly to that which said Instrument received.  The individual shall be held accountable, along with his immediate family, for all material losses incurred by the victim of such a crime.

VII. False Accusation

Pursuant to truer justice, and given the severity of the penalties for Instruments convicted of Crimes or Violations, government Instruments must enjoy proper protection against false accusation.  To that end, anyone who accuses an Instrument of Crimes and/or Violations in a Formal manner shall face the precise same hazards of those whom they so accuse.  In the case where accusations prove to be intentionally false, the accuser shall suffer the punishments that would have been meted to the Instrument, had said Instrument been convicted.  Where false accusations have been made where it can be demonstrated that proper care would have lead to no charge, the accusers shall be punished by six months at hard labor.

VIII. Defense Against Crimes and Violations

Free Men retain the right to resist Crimes and other Violations perpetrated against them by government Instruments, using any means they deem necessary to preserve the integrity of life, limb, freedom, and other property.  It is only by the non-violent presentation of a validly sworn and issued warrant that a Free Man may be compelled to cooperate with Instruments in the immediate term.  Any violence initiated by Instruments in the service of a warrant renders the warrant invalid, leaving subject(s) of the warrant free to take defensive measures.  Any violence initiated by the subject of a valid warrant gives the serving Instruments leave to take defensive measures to affect service and preserve life, but nothing more.

Anyone who acts in false defense against actions ultimately proven valid, those false actions may be deemed as aggravating factors if the actor is convicted of crimes which are directly related to said valid acts. 

Free Men may convene courts of their own making to address Crimes and Violations, particularly when it is deemed that governmental courts have not, cannot, or will not discharge their duties in accord with the protections against Crimes and Violations.  Such failures in themselves constitute Crimes and shall be treated in accord with the specifications of this Amendment.  The convening of such courts renders all who become administratively involved with the proceedings as Public Instruments for the tenure of said proceedings, and shall bear the precise same obligations and face the identical risks, hazards, and penalties as any other Instrument in the discharge of the relevant duties.

IX. Limited Restoration

All Instruments convicted of crimes shall be restored to their Rights upon completion of their sentences, with the following exceptions.

  1. They may never again seek positions of Public Trust, doing so constituting a felony to be punished by not less than one year at hard labor and not more than five years at hard labor.
  2. All restrictions of Article III as apply to their service as an Instrument shall remain in effect for the remainder of their natural lives.
  3. They and their immediate family shall remain under official scrutiny for twenty years after the date of lapse of their sentences.
  4. Immediate family members shall be debarred from securing any position of Special Trust for a period of twenty years from the date of conviction of an Instrument.

X. Oath of Good Faith and Competent Service

Prior to perfecting any governmental Instrument, the individual(s) in question must take the following oath, which shall remain in force for the duration of the Instrument’s tenure.  The requirement to answer questions relating to duties of said tenure shall persist for not less than thirty years after lapse:

I , <state full name>, do solemnly swear under pain of penalties I acknowledge and to which I  accede in advance, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and to defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

I do further solemnly swear, under even penalties, to abstain from committing Crimes and other Violations of the Rights of those to whom I swear this oath, the entirety of the People of the United States of America.

I do finally and solemnly swear, under pain of even penalties, to make whole all those whom I unjustly damage, whether through accident, incompetence, ignorance, or unjust intent.  Any refusal to make my victims whole shall stand as prima facie proof of criminal intent against them.

Pursuant to the above sworn oath, I hereby waive my Constitutional Rights in all matters as they may relate to every facet of my sworn duties of office, and my position of Special Trust as a Public servant, as specified in Article Three of the Twenty Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Namely, I waive my right to Right to privacy, my Right to free speech, my Right to remain silent, my Right to not self-incriminate, and my Right to legal counsel.  

I vow to answer all questions, officially put to me as they relate to the relevant matters of my duties with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I swear this oath of fealty, good faith, and competent, honest, and honorable service to every individual man, woman, and child of the United States of America.  

I so swear this oath in the full capacity to do so with informed will, understanding, and consent without mental reservation or other impediment.  

I swear this affirmation and oath upon my honor, my freedom, and my life.

Thus endeth the Amendment.

I submit that it is only through the brute force of so seemingly draconian a set of specifications that we, the People, hold even the least hope of holding the Tyrant at bay.  We are all witness to the mania of the various agents of "government".  We are all witness to the endless destruction and misery caused by these mobs of criminally insane lunatics who pilfer, rape, rob, threaten, and murder their ways through careers in crime under the imprimatur of "the state".

If we do not end Themme, Theye will end us.  It is really that stark and simple.

Until next time, please accept by best wishes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Truth About "Communism/Socialism"

On another forum, an individual was going on about so-called "anarcho-communism". I pointed out how the term was a maximal oxymoron, with the grand emphasis on "moron". He went on the cite the common etymological root between "communal" and "communism", an error so grave that I felt I must respond. The exchange, fruitless as it may have proven, got me to thinking that a restatement of the basic problem of political philosophies such as communism may be in order, if for no other reason than to offer yet another expression of the argument against such arrangements. And so here we find ourselves.

To put it very bluntly, communism is a game of felonies. 

Communism plays on all the worst that is in a human being, most specifically, FAIL (Fear, Avarice, Ignorance, and Lassitude).

In practical terms, communism is all about the individual riding the wave of graft and other crimes against his fellows. It is mob rule not unlike democracy in its ultimate practical results, but with differently colored grease paint on its face.

Even the dullards among us immediately recognize the opportunities for said graft that communism radiates outward in it messages of "equality".  Humans, beasts that they tend to be on the average and in so many respects, see only themselves and devote their efforts to conjuring the ways in which they will be able to live off the labors of others.  As sufficient numbers of such ways become apparent to them in mere seconds, they are immediately on board with the idea.  "Oh HELL YES!  I wanna be a communist!"  

We could speak for volumes on the ostensible reasons for the eager desire to embrace communism/socialism, but the underlying truth to which few will admit is simply that they expect to get something for nothing.  Working for a living is for the suckers.  Shoot, if a mob of men with swords is willing and able to force my neighbors to pay my rent, feed, clothe, and supply me all I desire in life, sign me the hell up!

Let us not be fooled by the disingenuous talk of altruism, a concept that makes my skin crawl for its falsity.  It's all lies, and even in the rare case where someone has managed to convince himself that his motives are altruistic, the blind ignorance of such belief constitutes a top-tier human obscenity.

Forget the fact that the would-be beneficiary of the great socialist utopia will almost certainly prove bitterly disappointed and left without recourse in his deep state of buyer's remorse.  That is the bitter harvest of the poisonous seed for which he exchanged his soul and that outcome has been demonstrated in literally every case where socialism has been tried.  The paltry numbers of those whose lives materially improved because they'd been the bottom of the socio-economic barrel don't count for anything. Even those poor slobs, rather than having experienced a net benefit, suffer gross net loss due to the loss of their freedoms, a condition about which they may or may not care, so long as their bellies have something in them, however stale or rancid.

Communism/socialism is a shell game that makes everyone below The Line more or less equally impoverished, diseased, wanting, and miserable.  The only real beneficiaries are those who live above The Line.  Here, by "The Line", I specifically refer to Themme (pronoun referring to those people who sit in seats of actual political power - the string-pullers).  Consider the Soviets - a cabal of stooges who, through outright lies and the point of the sword, lived like fat rats at the expense of their hunger-stricken and miserably impoverished proletariat fellows.  Did the rust factory worker have a dacha on the Black Sea?  No.  Generally speaking, the only people with such bourgeois luxuries were those in the inner circles of the Communist Party.  Add hypocrisy to their long list of crimes.

Communism != communal living. The two have nothing to do with each other because the latter is a descriptive term, whereas the former is proscriptive. The one is a simple observation of what is, the other a specification of what should be: positive v. normative. One sees what's happening, the other barks orders and edicts at you, backed by the false authority of the sword.

Can I make this any more clear?

Do not be taken in by the superficial similarities and the tacit assumption that appearances represent the deeper truths upon which they are painted. Nor should you make the grave error of trusting the competence of those peddling these slippery terms to the world. And finally, always remember and never forget that the intentions of those who peddle these pills of conceptual poison are utterly irrelevant. 

Far too many of us are in the habit of miring ourselves in the arguments of a criminal's intentions, as if ostensibly good ones would somehow excuse the felon's actions and the harms he has brought to others. Intentions count for absolutely nothing at all, especially in such cases. Result is the only thing that matters where such issues are concerned and the unamended violation of a man's rights is always an outcome of the criminal variety, by definition.

Language is a powerful tool, and as we can see, those of malicious intent or who are insufficient to their claim to authority use language to foul ends.  Equating "communism" with "communal living" is an example of folly that dives headfirst and without due circumspection into the deep waters of wild danger.

As I have written before and shall continue to repeat: language is the single most important skill you will ever learn in all your years in this life.  Nothing else even comes close to its import and effect on everything in this world.  And to make things even stickier, language is one of the most fiendishly devilish endeavors imaginable.  It is only through awareness of its significance and nature, coupled with an attitude of determination to become linguistically masterful and vigilant in our communications habits that we Freemen stand even the least chances against Theire hordes, for the misuse of language is far and away easier, cheaper, and more devastatingly effective than it's judicious application in our interpersonal transactions.  This is the somewhat sad truth of these things.  Just as the "negative" emotion of hatred is far more potents, pond for pound, than love, so it can be said of the misuse of words versus the proper.  We may call this the "entropy of language"

It make take years to erect a large office building, but it takes only seconds to bring it all down with properly applied pyrotechnics.  The explosive demolition of edifices is a prime and readily observable example of how entropy works in our daily lives.  The far less apparent, yet vastly more dangerous example is that of the destructive force of words chosen poorly, or very adroitly for effect.

If you do  yourself no other favor in your life, endeavor to develop strong linguistic expertise and the right habits, the latter being perhaps even more important.  If your skills, such as they may be, are not put to proper use through the adoption of razor-sharp habits of communication, then you may as well have no such skills.

Be well, be smart, be intolerant of the intolerable, and as always and until next time, please accept my best wishes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Living Amid Weakmen

In times prior, ignorance of political reality may have been excusable. Today, however, it is not for most people. The truth is out there, yet few seek it, proportionally speaking. My observation has been that when confronted with the truth about freedom, FAR too many recoil in horror, then proceed to clinch their eyes tightly shut, put their fingers in their ears, and screech "I can't hear you" in rapid repetition (sometimes after calling you "poopy face"), then run away as if to fend off the badness.

That, my friends and fellow Freemen, is WILLFUL ignorance, WILLFUL stupidity, and WILLFUL corruption of everything that might have once been decent about a human being, now long mummified, and there being no discernible hint of even the least interest in watering that dead vestige of their soul.

At some point the despicable behaviors and attitudes of the Weakman begin to have deleterious effects on their betters. There is a threshold beyond which there can be no recovery from the contamination of the good by the infected and the Freeman is faced with the choice to do nothing, perhaps out of a misplaced sense of live-and-let-live, or act to save himself from the Taint. This is the sad reality about humans - we are born magnificent creatures in our potential, but suffer the defects of our virtues, the worst of them being our eminent maleability, which today seems to lead to corruption at least as often as to anything better.

Most often, a child becomes that which he is taught. Teach the wrong things and a monster grows from the seed that was once an innocent infant. And our children have been taught the poison thoughts given them by men who have either no interest in their welfare, save that it servers their own interests, or out of a misbegotten sense of righteousness, likely the product of that which they had been taught.

Obedience blind and unquestioning. Collectivism. False authority masquerading as something valid. Relativism. The wildly wrong belief that rights are illusions and the individual must surrender himself to the "greater good" of the hive. Flight from pain. Fear of difficulty. Sex as mere entertainment. Life as non-sacred. These are but a small, yet very telling sampling of the evils that have been spoon-fed now to at least four generations in ever greater proportion, press of the boundaries, and stridence.

Americans represent a unique earthly population, having been given a portal to actual freedom (however imperfect) that no civilized population has ever before had the opportunity to enter. The Framers of the Republic left the door to freedom ajar with a tone that was almost a dare to their posterity to open and walk through. We came so close, but in the end proved ourselves, statistically speaking, as Weakmen - those hideous curs who may talk a big talk regarding liberty, but who in practice shun it with vigor and vehemence as they pull the classic Orwellian trick of calling freedom anything other than what it is, and their slavery "freedom".

Every known human corruption now enjoys primacy in the brave new world of early twenty-first century America. The endless and unbroken succession of tyrants has made certain that the once strong moral backbone of the mean American has been broken, working each successive generation ever more deeply into states of individual wretchedness, depravity, and other corruptions. The children are now taught the New Orthodoxy of the State in perfect Orwellian fashion. Words no longer mean what they mean. Responsibility is a thing of the past, save that you are a good little Weakman and toe the line of said degradations of humanity, in which case all your foibles of perversion and irresponsibility are hailed as grand virtues and rewarded just enough to keep you on the hook whose line drags you ever further along the path of self-destruction.

The young are now taught that the world owes them; that they are "special" and deserve everything they want in life, the subtext there by way of implication being that they should not have to work for any of it.

The result of all this brilliant training? A nearly perfected Weakman who blindly obeys the edict of false authority whose mind is systematically narrowed by the precise broadening of it to perversions of all sorts. These young people are fragile, brittle, narrow, grossly, shockingly, and appallingly dependent, unwilling to learn to do for themselves that they might actually become capable of independent thought and consequent action, all the while believing themselves to be enlightened beyond what for them is the endless stupidity of all generations that came before them.

The world of the Weakman is precisely 180º out of sync with nearly every one of the truths of cold, hard reality to such a degree that it is surprising that nobody has yet announced gravity itself to be a lie - a "social construct".

In large numbers, Weakmen are the most dangerous creatures on the planet, for given the right motivation, they will rise as one and smite anyone who is not of the body. Contrive the right narrative, and Theye can get the vast hordes of Weakmen to do absolutely any bidding they might deem desirable, up to and including committing acts of genocide. Such is the art and craft of Theire "public relations" machinery.

Reason, logic, generosity, truth, courage, and all the other virtues of the old world have been successfully removed and supplanted with the raving insanities of the "woke" generation, who are just this side of not being able to tie their own shoes without direction, no matter how many times the task has been repeated - not because they are constitutionally incapable of learning it, but because they see it all as unworthy of the effort. Hey, just look up "shoe tying" on one's cell phone and there it is.

Having acclimated entire generations to the vicissitudes of barking madness, Theye have finally discovered the keys to perfected tyranny. With patience and proper selection of paths moving forward, there is nothing Theye cannot make the critical mass of mindless humanity do.

Global hegemony counts on the utter diminution of the mean man to such appalling rates of discount because the basic animal that is a man is by his inborn nature wild, free, and abhorrent of the yoke. Leave a man to his own good disposition, and he will perforce grow from child to Freeman, ready and willing to destroy any and all comers who would dare seek his subjugation regardless of degree. And so it should be, save that Theye who presume themselves the overlords of all humanity cannot have such a circumstance, for the Freeman is strong, independent, and nearly impossible to force into the molds of serfdom that Theye have set in wait for him. Rather he would die fighting than live on bended knee before a despot.

And so the modern tyrants to whom I refer as "Themme" must have Weakmen as subjects; humans degraded perhaps beyond all redemption who will at the very least react in ultimately bland fashion to the outrages heaped upon them by those who presume. This explains with perfection everything to which we now bear witness, the whistling, rocketing madness to be found in every crack and crevice of our lives, oozing into the minds of those trained to remain unaware of what is being done to them such that there is no degradation or idiocy to which the mean man could be subjected that is not accepted at the very least with resignation and, preferably, eagerness.

We have entered the New Dark Age - that of the Weakman.

Today, if a man of good reason should express an opinion or even state a readily observable and confirmable fact that chaps the delicate sensibilities of a Weakman, there will be no sound, politely offered argument in rebuttal. Rather, there will be heard the shrieking and freaking of a terror- and/or hatred-stricken toddler, hurling every obscenity you know toward the utterer, often wishing cancer-laden fates to him and his children, or that they be kidnapped, raped, and murdered. This may sound outrageous and unlikely, but it occurs every day as the brittle generation finds itself ever less tolerant of anything with which they disagree, as they wail and rail and demand that everyone not just tolerate their views and actions, but accept, and kowtow to them in praise.

It will be interesting to see how humanity ends up if the creed of the Weakmen prevails. Who will produce the commodity goods? Robots? Perhaps, but what if that development fails to come to fruition? Will we have a situation similar to that found in the film "Idiocracy", or will Theye be able to maintain an inner cadre of adepts who will retain all the necessary knowledge and skills such that they will be able to properly instruct, direct, supervise, and manage the hordes of dull-witted sorts who shall by then make up the vast bulk of humanity and who have been trained perfectly to do as they are told, no matter how dangerous or demeaning to themselves?

Perhaps the much anticipated cull of several billions of humans will be brought to bear upon the global population, leaving behind a remnant Theye deem as suitable and sufficient for the continuation of the species who from there on shall live carefully guided lives, perhaps much along the lines of Huxley, what with his alphas, betas, and gammas.

Cringeworthy is it all, the prospects for the race of men at this time being ghastly on its best days. And yet it seems there is nothing to be done by men of better sense, as they appear to be vastly outnumbered by those willing to sell their souls in exchange for mere comforts and the illusions they seek as cornerstone truths of their lives.

Sit back, crack a beer, get out the popcorn, and watch as the circus continues on its merry way to the bottom.

To all those of you who are of a bent that aligns with that of the Freeman, please accept my best wishes, and may the day come when enough of us shall rise in rebellion against that which seeks to destroy all that is good in life.

Friday, May 14, 2021

No Such Thing As A Good Cop

Today I begin with the thesis that there is no such thing as a "good" cop. If you are one of those who are ready to jump down my throat and hurl rotten tomatoes at me, I ask that you remain calm until I have explained my position in sufficient detail. Bear in mind that most of what I will assert and attempt to defend bears the modifying amendment of "as currently constituted" and/or "as currently defined". I will do my best to make all of this clear in short order.

To begin, I strenuously and unequivocally object to the concept of a "law enforcement officer" for the reason that "law" stands ill-defined in every source I have come to know. In the dozens of attempts at defining "law" that I have read, which range from Bouvier's and other law dictionaries, to various less-formal swags, nowhere have I encountered a definition that was in any way so much as approaching the sufficiency of rigor. This is more than a little surprising, given that the future's of countless lives have hung and continue to hang on the concept, which speaks directly to the much vaunted idea of "justice". How can one have justice if we cannot define that which is just?

Even more surprising is the fact that one of the very best treatments on the subject can be found on, a source I generally and validly view with keen suspicion and doubt. And yet, the article acknowledges my assertion that there exist no proper definitions of the term. To wit:

There have been several attempts to produce "a universally acceptable definition of law".

The article goes on in some detail, citing the various opinions regarding that which constitutes "law", the value there to be found in the confirmation of just how hopelessly inadequate are the extant definitions.

The one commonality that most definitions hold is the assertion that law is a system of "rules of action". While this is correct, so far as it goes, it goes not nearly far enough to satisfy the requirements of rigor.

I have, therefore, chosen to coin a new term, "Law", and do note the capitalization. "Law" is distinguished from "law" in that the factors arbitrariness and non-substantiation are absent. One might also call it "objective Law". Objective Law is that which can be demonstrated as objectively valid regardless of differing frames of reference and other variances between individuals or larger populations that are often used as the bases for justifying the arbitrary whims of so-called "authorities" in different places.

"Law" must be provably valid, a requirement which today is absent to an almost universal extent, most often leaving legislatures free to enact nearly anything they please. Statutes relating to firearms and taxation are perhaps the ultimate examples of the freewheeling arbitrariness that is so typically found these days.

Returning to the topic at hand, and assuming a properly rigor-laden definition of "Law", I would hold less objection to the idea of "Law enforcement officer", though I still see the keen and central emphasis on "enforcement" as being problematic. I am far more amenable to the old-school label of "peace officer", for in my opinion maintaining the public peace is far more in keeping with the proper role of a cop, enforcement being what we might regard as a regrettable secondary requirement to be undertaken only in the most grave of circumstances.

The enforcement of "law", vis-à-vis "Law", is perhaps the central problem that soundly discredits any claim of there being "good" cops. It is precisely the fact that "law" almost always represents the arbitrary and most often capricious will of a legislative body and that the enforcement of such arbitrary fiat is the core duty of law enforcement personnel that proves beyond argument that there are no such things as "good" cops. This is not to say that there are no good men who are cops or that cops never do good things. Quite the contrary, law enforcement officers do all manner of good things.

We often hear stories of cops who save drowning children and puppies. They apprehend dangerous criminals such as murderers and child molesters. All such acts are laudable from both practical and normative moral standpoints. But on the other hand, they also arrest people for possession of illegal drugs; growing cannabis; soliciting the services of prostitutes; gambling in non-approved facilities; bearing firearms and, until recently, engaging in homosexual congress. These are just a few of the more common statutory prohibitions of non-criminal acts that cops enforce at the points of guns and with threats of bodily destruction, financial ruin, prison, etc.

In other words, they enforce non-Law. This, of course, ventures into a far deeper and broader philosophical discussion, which we shall save for another day. But if for now you will partially suspend your inner skeptic and accept that proper Law cannot be arbitrary in its dictates, then the argument is very nearly mine at this point.

There are those who would cite the many good deeds of cops as some sort of justification for calling them "good". Let us briefly examine this through a simple comparative thought experiment where we set the Wayback machine to the early 1900s. As we step into 1908 Brooklyn, we find ourselves in a fine old-world Italian neighborhood where the people simply love their local hero, Vito Corleone. When Mrs. Poor Widowini was evicted for having a dog, Don Vito interceded on her behalf with the landlord, who eventually came around to his way of seeing things and not only allowed her to stay, but to also keep the dog, and reduced her rent by five- no, ten dollars per month!

Vito Corleone also gave countless thousands of dollars to innumerable good causes and saw to it that no foreign interloper caused trouble in his neighborhood. When the little girl needed surgery her parents could not afford, there was Don Vito with his open wallet to save the day. Signore Corleone was a true hero. A good man who was faithful to his wife and loved his children with great devotion. He was a "business" man, said business occasionally requiring something of a sterner hand with some of his associates. Every once in a while, when a partner got too far out of line, well... you know how that can go, and when Roberto Gandini suddenly disappears without a trace, what can one say? The Gowanis canal can be a dangerous place.

Do all the good deeds - those which grossly outnumber those criminal - excuse Vito Corleone's occasional acts of murder? Does the fact that he gives so much for his beloved neighborhood suggest we should turn a blind eye to the very serious crimes he commits, however infrequently?

If the answer you give is "no", then how could you or anyone so answering be able to excuse the crimes that cops commit as they carry out their duties in enforcing statutes that are not only morally repugnant and reprehensible, but are actually and provably felonious themselves?

This is where "as currently constituted" comes into play. "There is no such thing as a good cop, as their duties and responsibilities are currently constituted." It is impossible to credibly claim otherwise when their official acts result in the destruction of the lives of innocent people. When some sad sack, lonely man turns to a streetwalker for comfort, an act that in itself holds no element of criminality, and he is arrested, his name published in the newspaper as a "john", is fined countless thousands of dollars, and is jailed for a year with hardened criminals, there is nothing that can be said about the arresting cops to validly justify their dastardly act. The same may be said of the young punk who decides to fire up a gigantic spliff on the steps of the Manhattan courthouse and goes to prison for twenty years as a result. Stupidity does not perforce equate to feloniousness.

Taking action against those who commit crimes mala in sé is a valid role for cops. 

Enforcing statutes for acts mala prohibita, on the other hand, is not a valid role for cops. In such cases, the act of enforcement itself becomes criminal, reducing cops to the status of felons whose acts cannot by any valid standard be justified as anything other than first-degree felonies.

Because of this dolorous circumstance of morally corrupt job requirements, cops are set between a rock and hard place. There is no doubt that many cops seek to do the good, but such intentions count for nothing when pursuant to such goals they unjustifiably bring innocents to harm with the complicity and protection of "the state".

This, my friends, is why so many people fear, despise, and hate cops. I can think of no person I have ever known who would fault a cop for arresting a bank robber, rapist, murderer, etc. Such acts represent true and actual crimes with true and actual victims. Conversely, I know and have otherwise met large numbers of people who consider cops to be dangerous and corrupt because they enforce statutes prohibiting activities such as gambling, drug use/possession/sales, sex for money, running naked through the streets, and so on. 

Until the duties, obligations, and responsibilities of cops are amended to reflect the proper corrections to the gross and unjustifiable insufficiencies in the specifications of said duties, etc., a vast plurality of Americans are going to retain their jaded and mostly unfavorable opinions of law enforcement personnel.
There may be those who say "so what if some of us have no respect for cops?" To those people I would point out that such disharmony serves nobody well, save those few who stand to profit from such tensions, which is to say the political class who have historically used strife and its byproducts to justify usurpations of ever greater power.

Do cops want to be hated? Doubtless some may get off on the idea, but my money says most do not want to be the objects of broad ridicule, hatred, and ostracization. Therefore, it behooves us to redefine the role of the cop such that the vast and overwhelming majority of the people will be inclined to live in agreement with those roles and be more inclined to helpfulness, rather than fear or indifference.

We have a huge problem, and the status quo is not helping. Many say cops need to be reeled in - I even say it myself at times when I find myself exasperated with the current reality. Perhaps the better term would be "reshaped" into roles with which one would become hard-pressed to disagree. 

I do sincerely believe that the redefinition of what it means to be a cop, when done competently and honestly, would go a long way to a significant general improvement in the quality of the lives of everyone, save the political class who would doubtlessly rail like sirens against any such changes.

Be well, be good, and as always, please accept my best wishes.