Saturday, February 1, 2014

Taking The Fight To Themme

What I am about to propose here will seem pretty wild to some, and perhaps it is. But wild does not necessarily mean wrong. Some will stop somewhere in mid-sentence and think "this one's gone 'round the bend" and want to read no further.

Since I have been posting here I believe that on the whole I have endeavored with some success to maintain a well measured head in the ideas I have espoused. It is with this in mind that I will ask those of you who choose to read much further than this sentence to continue to the end so that you will understand that the more extreme sounding things I am to suggest are not in fact crazy, but the results of one of the only two places that we as a population can now go in this good land of ours. I've not been drinking and I am not a user of drugs. My mind is in a state of rational clarity and I alone am responsible for that which I am about to write on this page.

What I will address is a possible course of action I feel is one of our only remaining effective avenues for putting to an end a major facet of our current political problems: crimes perpetrated by so-called "law enforcement" agents and the failure of their respective departments and the courts to hold them properly accountable. In this I am holding no bars and pulling no punches. What I intend here is a bare knuckles address of what needs to be done in order to wrest control back where it belongs: our hands. What I will suggest may seem like madness to some, but I assure you that I have given this careful consideration and make such observations only with the greatest reticence and the regret that conditions are such that I feel them to be reasonable and necessary if anything is to remain of our lives, liberty, and any prosperity of which to speak that we might yet pursue.

We are living in what may be the end times. I do not mean this in the more common religious sense, but as it relates to the qualities of our lives. It now appears that we are daily treated to some new assault upon our freedoms and the rights to which we all hold equal claim. There are several facets - lines along which those in power mount assaults upon us in order to violate those rights in Theire attempts to show us who is really boss. It is my intent to address one of those facets that poses a clear and present danger: criminal behavior by law enforcement personnel. We are daily baraged with accounts of the criminal misconduct of various law enforcement agents and the consequent crimes of their respective agencies and the courts wherein the original perpetrators have been exonerated or otherwise excused for their felonious acts against the people and even actively protected from accountability.

How shall we regard this degeneration that daily progresses to ever deeper states of rot? Shall we continue to sit idly as the law enforcement juggernaut continues to steamroll us into the ground, often literally? How well has this worked out for us, as we peek at the entry team breaking down our neighbors' doors from behind the blinds, grateful that it wasn't us? Consider how many of those entries, some resulting in the fatal shooting of the occupants, were executed on the wrong houses due to errors in the warrants. Consider that in every case to my knowledge, not a single actor has been called to account for his actions.

Law enforcement is wildly out of control in the United States in these early decades of the twenty-first century as we find our freedom and indeed our very lives under mortal threat as a consequence. Agencies of all stripes murder and pillage the good people of this land on a daily basis. It has even been shown in some cases that such agencies actually planned with criminal intent to rob people of their property, murdering them in the process.

If you find this incredible, consider the case of the Los Angeles county sheriffs who entered and murdered a 72 year old man who had recently undergone open heart surgery when he dared defend his panicked wife as the unidentified, black-garbed thugs broke through the front door of their 5-acre Malibu estate. It was later discovered IN WRITING, the department's secret plan to seize the property through civil forfeiture laws by cobbling a false drug case against the owners. I happened to be in Los Angeles some time after this sordid affair ended murderously. The plan had been discovered by an investigator and the LA prosecutor's office REFUSED to bring charges against the murderers who comprised the entry team, as well as those from the same office who planned the heist. I stood before the television at my friend's house and witnessed the report myself, or I would not have believed that anything so outrageous could have been possible even in that county, notorious for their criminal law enforcement agencies and endlessly corrupt government.

Let that soak in for a moment. A SHERIFF'S department held in its possession a tax book in which they made notes of which properties they were to seize simply because they liked them and wanted them. They then breached and murdered the owners of at least one of those properties. This is FIRST DEGREE murder. Premeditated. Were you or I to make such plans and execute a cop in order to seize his home, is there any doubt in your mind that if apprehended we would face exactly those charges?

That was ca. 1997 and things have gotten far and away worse since then. We are now faced with a choice none of us should have to make: lay down or stand tall. For those not in the mood for bed at this point in their lives, it is time to start an earnest discussion of what it is we must do to stop this tide of aggression against the good people of this nation. To that end I believe it behooves us to start taking an account of who the government participants are, at least at the local level. Start collecting information on names and addresses of police, sheriff's deputies, prosecutors, and so forth. Knowing who they are allows us to track their whereabouts to some extent in the event they are foolish enough to commit crimes while on duty.

Next, we must be willing to hold these people materially accountable for their actions in the absence of same on the part of those in whom our trust has been vested, which includes the agencies for which the criminals work, the prosecutors who routinely fail to file the correct charges against such criminals or pursue them in such lackluster fashion that acquittals are all but guaranteed, and the courts who fail to adequately punish them for their crimes in the rare cases where convictions are attained. Yes, I said "punishment".

Because we cannot rely upon those whose jobs it is to see that criminal acts by law enforcement personnel are punished properly, onus falls to us to take up the reins they have willfully dropped and see to it that these most heinous of all criminals are held to account for their deeds.

Knowing who they are and where they live is the first step in holding them responsible. To that end I believe it serves the cause of justice for people to collect lists of such information by any means necessary, even if it means following such criminals around town and staking them out until such time as the location of their residence becomes known, as well as their other habits so that they may be located with relative ease in the event it becomes necessary to apprehend them as matters of citizens' arrest.

I suggest that as a matter of procedure we at least give the criminal justice system the opportunity to do its job, regardless of the monumental failures to which we have all been witness.

Having tabs on police and other similar characters is central to the cause of justice and the preservation of our liberty. Equally important is the will and means to act. Theye must come to experience the first hand knowledge that there are people who WILL hold them personally and very directly accountable for their felonies. There are those who, for example, will burn their houses down in the event they were to act treasonously against their otherwise good and peaceable neighbors. In time, this should give them some very serious pause and reason to take stock of the precariously dangerous positions in which they place themselves when they choose to act criminally in the course of their duties as agents of the public trust.  But this, of course, is the last resort extreme.  There are other avenues that may in fact prove equally effective.

Imagine developing compartmentalized local organizations that would collect and keep such information, plan for contingencies, and serve notice upon local agencies that they stand at risk if they were to engage in unwise action against said peaceable neighbors. I call this "taking the fight to Themme". No action should ever be taken, save in response to criminal action by officials. We do not want to become that which we loathe, yet must be willing to act with decision when we have been violated, for no transgression of Theires should be allowed to pass without full and unequivocal address.

The other approach, one which has actually worked very effectively throughout history, is the shun.  Were such criminals to be shunned by all among whom they live, their lives would become as living hells.  Imagine no local business allowing such persons upon their premises, forcing the criminal to travel out of town for the most basic necessities.  Imagine what their lives would be like were they unable to partake of any social interactions in the ways that everyone else could.  It might take a while to sink in, but in time the effect would be definite and very unpleasant.

Imagine shunning all prosecutors and others who fail to pursue the proper remedies against criminal police.  They and their families would be unable to live normal lives because of the choices actively made by them.

Some may be tempted to assess this as daft thinking, but I would have to counter by pointing out that these people are murdering us, and rates at which they are doing so are increasing dramatically. If you are not alarmed at the rate at which police, etc., are murdering mundanes, then I would have to submit that YOU are mentally unsound in the extreme. One of the problems here, of course, is the perceptive callouses so many of us have developed whereby what was once unthinkable is now met with yawns and, "oh... that."

Imagine if every time a cop behaved criminally against a mundane his life suddenly became severely boxed in to the point he was unable to do much else other than go to work and return home, or in more extreme cases face the direct material wrath of those whom they have violated. Unless these men and women are going to take on the gay lifestyle and live in a hardened bunker for 25 years, they will always be vulnerable to those who would hold them unequivocally accountable. One may argue against such tactics citing that it is too much work or Theye will just post guards around the homes of such officials. Not a problem because time is on OUR side. We can wait years. The cost to defend a single home per year by placing 24 hour guard would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. How long would any community be able to sustain such exhaustive expense? Not even Beverly Hills could do it for very long. Besides, anyone defending a criminal becomes accomplice and now they would be subject to the shun or even their homes would require protection, leading Themme into a very tight corner.

We outnumber Themme hundreds to one, at the very least. We have the advantages of anonymity, of being able to pick and choose the time to strike, the circumstance, and the method. They are at fixed locations - we are fluid. We blend in - they stick out as sore thumbs.

Continue with me a bit now. Imagine we began doing this. Cop murders someone. A team burns down his house. What would be the initial response? Hornets in a wild frenzy, especially after the note stating clearly that the fire was the first step in meting justice to the criminal. The local police department would be in a fury over it - endless money spent investigating and threatening. This would likely go on for months or until a suitable suspect was identified and apprehended, but for now let us assume nobody is "caught". They would harm themselves mightily in monetary terms chasing the ghosts who reduced the guilty cop's home to ash. Said cop might find trouble acquiring a new insurance policy, as well. Also consider that if he rebuilds, that house would also be burned. Keep destroying his property until he is brought before a jury on the correct charges and properly punished.  I do not disregard the possibility of  meting justice directly.  We hold the right to do this, particularly in the face of the failure of those in whom we placed our trust to do so.

Imagine a second incident occurs. Cops proactively put officer under protection. Lots of $ on that, and as I mentioned, the advantage of time lives with the agents of accountability. Will the protection remain for 6 months? A year? At some point, the PD will begin feeling the pinch. What then? Raise taxes? That should go over as well as a lead balloon in a community damaged by such creeps, the same ones who almost undoubtedly have turned the wick up on the mundanes over whom they now dominate. Either way the cops lose - they go broke or just serve to anger people even more, ever poisoning the well against themselves by extorting more money from the proles.

As tensions rise, cops are most likely to continue to commit ever worse errors against those who pay their salaries. History is rife with examples of how tyrants almost always react unwisely in such cases.  Beyond a point there are not enough police to provide all the protective services. Someone, somewhere, is going to be left exposed. That is where and when they are hit. Another house burned or car or ??? burned or otherwise destroyed. Or the cop is simply removed from the roles of the living. If the cop's offense was murder, I have no problem with simply dispatching him where opportunity presents itself.

You may think this is REALLY crazy, yes? I might otherwise agree, save for one thing: this is wartime, not peace. Theye have declared WAR on drugs, for example. Theye murder us on whim, citing officer safety as the excuse. Theye apprehend, beat, and imprison us for all manner of non-crimes. Arbitrarily labeling X a "crime" does not make it so - something most Americans have either forgotten or about which they have become lazy or just apathetic. We have been SO heavily conditioned to meekly accept the capricious abuse of "government" that acts of self defense and of holding accountable those who criminally damage us are viewed as crimes in themselves. THAT is where the crazy lives. When you believe that you hold no right to defend your life against state aggression, YOU are the one who has gone mad. When you believe that holding accountable those who have damaged you, especially when those who have been entrusted to do so refuse, is impossible or somehow immoral, then YOU are the one who is mentally deranged.

Make no mistake about this one fact: we are at war - right here, right now. Just because you do not see uniformed troops storming your neighborhoods; just because artillery and gun fire and aerial bombs are not raining down upon your community, it does not follow that a state of guerrilla warfare does not in fact exist in the place where you live and work. Government has taken its warfare to your community in guerrilla fashion. That it has not landed on your doorstep is as much the result of sheer chance as anything else. What else do you call an entry-team, armed to the teeth and eager to shoot, busting in your door, wrecking in minutes what may have taken you a lifetime to put together, perhaps shooting your dog or even YOU - maybe taking your children away, and then retreating, either with you in handcuffed tow or simply standing there with a load in your pants and your jaw on the floor as they rapidly disappear into the black night? Is hit and run not the very definition of guerrilla warfare?

We are in the midst of a nationwide guerrilla war between the mostly peaceable and decent people of this land and the "law enforcement complex". Consider that their skills such as breaching etc., are highly perishable. These must be exercised constantly or they go to pot in no time. Consider that exercise on a dummy course provides no proof-of-the-pudding. The real test comes with actual application in the world. Therefore, police departments are highly motivated to seek out as many opportunities for real-world practice as possible. This motive does NOT have to root in some evil intention. Very much the opposite, and THAT is where we find the greatest danger. Theye don't see the hazard because in their narrowly channeled and hopelessly distorted thinking they are doing God's work. If you are against them, then you become part of the problem, a person of interest, and all of a sudden you are viewed very differently and you'd better watch your back... or move.

Given the demonstrable fact that we are in a true state of war with those who may think they are defending... well, what exactly I cannot really say anymore, every shred of sense God put into a boiled turnip should be telling you that taking well organized measures to defend yourself against these people gone mad is not only right and proper, but that nature itself obliges you to the act. Failure to see this may be evidence of how complete has been your conditioning to accept the master's command such that you surrender your life on his capricious demand. If anything is insane, it is that.

So really, we each of us have a choice to make. Bow in tribute to the cult of state-mandated self-destruction, or stand tall. The latter does not mean painting a target on yourself like a fool, but rather that you seek out like-minded people and start forming action groups who will work to hold the Mob accountable for their crimes. The choice is yours entirely. Nobody is going to twist your arm to take action. Theye, in fact, want you to remain as impassive as possible so that they may harvest you if and when the time seems appropriate, whether by intent or by "oopsie". You have Theire thanks for remaining the willing candidate for their caprice and the slaughter that too often ensues when one's number is drawn.

But if you have no desire to be a willing throat for the master's knife, onus rest with you and your like-minded fellows alone to hold him accountable in the most stark terms for the crimes he commits. Relying on the "courts" is an act of willful error taken by those too cowardly or stupid or lazy or otherwise unwilling to see the truth that it is with ever growing rarity that such agents of the "state" are held to account for their perfidies. Cops and so forth literally get away with murder and are in fact now praised for their felonious deeds as witnessed by the standing ovation received by such men from Congress after having gunned down an innocent woman with a child in the automobile with her in Washington DC. How is it that we allow this?

Government tyranny CAN be fought successfully, IMO. The reason is has not succeeded is because nobody is DOING it. But let the first several dozens of bodies be found with the right notes on them, left by good and otherwise peaceful people who refuse to be destroyed and abused and we would see movement. After the first few hundreds of cop houses burned to the ground, perhaps with the criminals yet inside, there would be movement. I cannot guarantee it would be Theire wise retreat for which we would hope, but if not then Theye would be drawing clear the battle lines between us, and if that is what we the people need to get their heads our of their backsides, then so be it. Theye either retreat or escalate. Either way, Theye lose. But maintaining the status quo is the single condition that virtually guarantees Themme the long victory.

Make no mistake, in a very real sense it is us or Themme. Thus far, the score card is weighing heavily in Theire favor and if our freedom is ultimately reduced to rubble, make ye sure to know that it became so but as the result of our choices and not for the absence thereof.

Time is here.

Choice is ours.

We can stop this any time we want.

So far, we don't want to - at least not enough to make it happen.

Think about that awhile.

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.