Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Freeman and the Weakman

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The first is what I call the "Weakman" and is as common as dirt.  The second is the "Freeman", who is rare as hen's teeth and as precious as life itself.

The Weakman could be epitomized by the so-called "progressive", which in point of practical semantic fact is represented by individuals of a decidedly regressive mindset who cling to wholly corrupted, self-contradicting, and thereby nonsensical notions of words such as "equality" and "justice".

The Weakman is a paradoxical creature.

For example, he is in many ways a fine and empathetic individual with a good and generous heart, while on the other hand he is petty, ill-bred and -mannered, vicious beyond fault, unreasoning, and driven by brute and primitive emotion to act in the most atrocious ways when the demented fantasies to which he has welded himself come under perceived threat.  He believes that the use of physical force to compel the compliance of others not on board with his ideals is just and always warranted.  Where the realization of these ideals are concerned, for the Weakman there is no tack or measure that is beyond propriety.  The Weakman will gleefully see you and your children murdered for the sake of establishing upon the earth his deranged ideals of social architecture.

Furthermore, the Weakman is marked by an aversion to responsibility akin to that of vampires to crosses, holy water, and mirrors.

In short, Weakmen are essentially infants in grown human bodies.  They are of ego so fragile as to make an adult cringe in horrified disbelief.  The typical and so-called "millennial" is a penultimate example of the Weakman.  On the one hand there stands this aforementioned glass-like fragility and brittleness.  On the other, we find the wild viciousness that becomes manifest in such copious abundance once the Weakman's delicate sensibilities have been feather-bumped, as to amaze even the most jaded adult.  He flies into rages of such all-consuming performance that I daresay most are deserving of an Academy Award such that an intact, rational, and nominally healthy adult is left utterly dumbfounded and in slack-jawed incredulity upon bearing witness to such senseless carrying on.

Add to all this the rise of the new vocabulary to assist the Weakman in his efforts to force his dangerous petty tyrannies upon the rest.  Over the last couple of years it has been my nearly unbelieving displeasure to become familiarized with the perilously unhealthy "social justice" terms that include but are not limited to "trigger", "micro-aggression", "safe space",  "cultural appropriation", "equality", and "justice".  The feats of mental midgetry that lead to the rise of such terms and their definitions are truly things at which to marvel.

The Weakman is a nearly perfect stooge for the Tyrant, for so long as he is provided with the right lies by the "government" to which he is pathologically devoted, he will do nearly anything asked of him, so long as responsibility is not part of the deal.  Weakmen, for example, comprised the ranks of "useful idiots" of Soviet Russian fame, and continue to populate the ranks of our contemporary equivalents.  Weakmen kneel and praise at the altar of the "state", for government is the only apparent source of their sense of purpose and self-worth.  Their entire sense of self appears to be deeply tied to the notion of government, particularly where de-facto collectivism provides their aversive selves an escape from individual responsibility.

Yet, despite all these terribly unflattering characteristics, the Weakman's basic instinct appears to be that of generosity; at least so long as he is being generous with someone else's assets, the giving is easy, and he's already gotten "his".

There is more one could write about the Weakman, but there is really no point in going on too much further suffice to say that he manifests all the worst attributes of the human animal - fear, avarice, ignorance, and lassitude, the proverbial Four Necessities.  I will nonetheless contrast him with his opposing counterpart.

Behold the Freeman.  He is courageous - enough to accept the sometimes dire risks and terrifying realities that are part and parcel with freedom in specific, and the world in general.  The Freeman claims all benefits of being free, as well as accepting of the costs, which he pays gladly in exchange for the exhilaration that freedom brings.

The Freeman acknowledges reality as it stands, yet maintains his ideals as targets after which to shoot without any expectation of striking with perfection.  Unlike the Weakman, the Freeman shows the proper respect for the rights of his fellows, having learned what those rights are and why they are important.

The Freeman is an adult, rather than an infant throwing a hissy-fit through the agency of a grown body, or worse yet - government stooges.  He neither shirks nor shrinks from his responsibilities as a Freeman toward himself or his fellows, no matter how it may inconvenience or otherwise pain or aggrieve him.

The Freeman is the master of his emotions, using his reason in place of brute feelings, whereas the Weakman is the willing and dutiful slave to emotional caprice.

The Freeman is courageous, facing his fears and the dangers of this world with intelligence and discretion.  The Weakman is a dyed-in-the-wool coward with little to no personal grace to which one might bear witness.

The Freeman is generous, even when generosity has become difficult, and often precisely because it has become so.  The Weakman is generous only when it suits his mood, and usually only with the assets of others.  He will rarely if ever give to others, particularly if his own coffers are not overflowing with rude excess.  This is why the Weakman tends to be a big fan of, and advocate for progressivism, proclaiming his adherence with abundant noises and chest pounding.  He is all on board for any political philosophy where he feels he can hide from responsibility and labor, and do whatever it is to which his unrestrained emotions may lead.

The Freeman endeavors with humility to improve his state of ignorance.  The Weakman revels in his ignorance, praising it explicitly as such, or relabeling it as "knowledge" and "wisdom" in his attempts to fool himself into feeling better about himself, and fool those around him.  He is a weak and unrestrained ego, blown up like a balloon, endlessly professing his innate superiority over those who do not agree with him.  Most of all, the Weakman hates with bitter venom the Freeman, for the latter always serves to remind the Weakman of his terrible and pitiable shortcomings as a human being.

The Freeman is industrious pursuant to the goals he sets for himself.  The Weakman expects others to hand him that which he randomly demands.  There are endless examples of such debauched attitudes, including but not limited to the demand that "government" provide every man, woman, and child with a guaranteed minimum income.

The Freeman is worthy of one's trust.  The Weakman cannot be trusted to the door, save that he will betray you at his first convenience and experience no sense of having done anything wrong, particularly where his visions of the "greater good" are concerned.

The Freeman is quietly tolerant of that with which finds himself in disagreement.  The Weakman noisily spouts off about his tolerance while wishing misery, prison, and even disease and death upon all with whom he disagrees.  I have seen and heard such people literally wish others to be stricken with cancer for no other reason than they had the temerity to disagree on a matter of pure opinion and personal preference.

The Freeman tends by his nature to comport himself with a certain humility in the knowledge of his shortcomings.  The Weakman, being of a collapsing-ego sort, never shuts his mouth such that the world is painted in his mind as revolving around him and his precious and all-consuming "feelings".

The Freeman is thereby open-minded about everything, tolerant of much, and accepting of some.  And yet, he allows others to hold to their values, opinions, and practices.  The Weakman's tightly shut mind is peddled to the world as open to all, yet his pompously professed tolerance is belied by his open and spewing hatred of all that which does not mesh with his world-view.

The Freeman retains the courage, responsibility, and moral fiber to judge for himself the merits of the manifold things he encounters in life.  The Weakman shuns all courage and responsibility, all the while denying the existence of morals such that he abjures and forswears all proper judgment for his opinions and actions in his pathological need to avoid accountability at any cost to himself and those around him.

The Freeman accepts responsibility for what he feels, says, and does.  The Weakman denies any such responsibility, especially for his feelings.  He discounts language and thereby the responsibility for his utterances.  He accepts responsibility for his actions only to the very narrow degree that the circumstances in question mesh with his world-view.  For example, he may apologize in the wake of calling a black man "nigger", but only if such utterances are claimed as repugnant to him.  In the same breath he will almost always attempt to excuse himself or mitigate his culpability by citing how his "feelings" got the better of him, or some similar nonsense.  By that means will he apologize, but only with the subtext that he's not really responsible.  The Weakman's greatest device for evading responsibility is victimhood.  Ever the victim, whether of his emotions, the words of others, or any of a vast set of "outside" influences, he is never really responsible for what he says, thinks, or does.

In short, the Freeman defines the Realman.  The Weakman defines a flailing, lost, helpless infant of ill-breeding and great distemper who, despite his lack of skills of true and lasting value, nevertheless represents a clear and present threat to himself and all others, for he has neither the cloth nor discipline or decency to live by the tenets of that which he so vociferously boasts as being sacred to him.  Most notable among these self-professed virtues are those of love, kindness, respect, generosity, tolerance, learnedness, no-violence, and open-mindedness, all of which the Freeman carries with him without the self-serving pomp and idiocy of the Weakman.

The Weakman is the perfect hypocrite and the most hollow of all creatures imaginable.

So tell me, which would you consider yourself?

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.

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