Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reality Check Time, 31 August 2017.

This is an exchange I had on another site, for what it is worth.  The intentions of the original poster are all well and good, but they do not accord well with today's reality, I am sad to say.  But read and decide for yourself.  The gist of the OP was that those who seek freedom need to get out there and be more active.  My responses are in non-quoted text.


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We have to stop being keyboard warriors
Good luck with that. The one thing for which credit must be given to the snowflake generation is this: they are getting out there in pursuit of what they believe to be right. The wholesale fallacy of that for which they stand cannot erase credit due.

and make small changes that we can repeat all across our nation to make real change.
(Good luck with that.)^2 Had we engaged in such action 50 years ago, hell, even 20 or maybe even 10, we may have stood a chance of succeeding. Now, I just do not see it. Either we have crossed a barely sensible threshold, or are about to at any moment. Once that boundary is violated, we no longer have the option cited, the choice having become binary: fight or cave. It is possible we're not there yet, but I would be surprised to find it was so. And even if we are still on the other side of it, I'm not seeing the sorts of talk that will put our circumstance in better footings. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sure, the "white majority", who are now openly vilified with the most outrageous lies imaginable, are beginning to push back. In the last three months, for example, I have seen presumably white people calling black ones "******" (« there goes that childish filtering crap again!) more openly and unapologetically than I have in the past 20 years. It is remarkable.

This is the sort of talk that drives us further toward the precipice from which nobody wants to fall. And yet, here "we" go, pedal to the metal as we speed headlong for a result some of us think we want. What few seem to realize is that the affairs for which so many seem now to pine (open warfare and other very serious physical conflict), is that the non-linearity of such engagements guarantees nobody the win. Besides, what does winning even mean here? The "right" would have a better sense of it than the "left", I admit; but would it be satisfying once achieved? I don't know. The "left", of course, in its typical way has no clue.

Consider BLM and their calls for the extermination of the white race. Even if they could affect that result, which is just this side of laughable, they seem to labor under the ill-considered impressions of what the aftermath would be like. Let us now speak plainly in dispense of all PC nonsense: most black people in America would die in a few short months absent the infrastructure upon which their knowledge-bereft lives depend. Who among them would know how to maintain the roads? Who would build and run the CNC machinery that produce the goods to which they feel entitled? Whence their food? Medicine and medical care? The list is long, their knowledge very short. Shorter still, their motivation to avoid devolution into their African roots of rape and pillage, rather than to become knowledgeable in the various professions, arts, and crafts that have kept men alive for millennia. The post-white BLM world would be a nightmare that IMO would as likely lead to their own extinction as to any more positive (in their eyes) result.

The same broad analytic result stands for the other "left" leaning groups such as antifa. Without the presence of the people whom they hate with such bitterness, they would not be long for the world - certainly not the one they think they want. Just consider the reality once again: they claim to want a world where people are not "RAYcis", and so forth down their dreary litany of unicorn-poo virtues; the ones for which they would see you dead in order to have. This is a presumably orderly world, but order requires not only discipline, but knowledge of very specific skills that produce that order. I see no evidence of those abilities in any of these rioting, tantrum-pitching infants. The only thing holding them together is their vaporously ill-defined hate. It appears to be literally the only thing they possess. I have yet to witness a coherent and sufficiently constituted account of the vision of the world they want. "Income equality" doesn't quite cut that muster.

These people, much like the ISIS folks, and all other ravening revolutionaries who are willing to put to a sword any and all who do not comport themselves sufficiently with the new orthodoxy, always end up turning on one another. When ISIS gets their Islamic world, will they be able to turn off their mad lust to saw off heads? Highly unlikely, meaning they will always be on the hunt for apostates. Antifa, BLM, and so on are no different because in this way people are no different.

Some might be tempted to cite Cuba or China, but they would fail because those states are precisely this way. The "state" is ever present in the lives of the common man in ways few want. Step outside of the orthodoxy - hell, just APPEAR to - and it is off to trial with the predictable guilty verdict; then off for execution, long prison stays, or the ever popular "re√ęducation".

So guys, if you want to murder all white people, fascists, what-have-you, then by all means have at it. If I live long enough through it, I know I will have the opportunity to sit atop my little mountain here in WV, laughing until the tears gush as I watch you either lose your bid, or fall into the most predictable end of mass autogourmandization.

So go for it. You never know, I might be wrong on every point.

End digression.

We can't do it bottom up though.
Top-down? This presumes facts not in evidence.

We need tangible results to present to any elite that this is a bad course we are on, and it must change.

Now THIS is top-grade foolery. An elite, almost by definition anymore, gives no shyte about what YOU think, want, feel, etc. Theye are, again almost by definition, mad as hatters. Where once Theye appeared to possess rationality and some form of sanity, today it seems they have walked away from all that. Granted, it could be all smoke and mirrors (prob. is IMO), but what if it is not? Going to your ultimate murderer with the "facts" makes as much sense as two monkeys humping a football.

The presumption that those in Congress or wherever, would be open to facts, reason, and sane rationality is FAIL^FAIL. It is senseless. Yes you have your Thomas Massies, that population countable on two hands with fingers left over in a sea of 500+ federal legislators. Do the arithmetic. States may fare better, but how much so, especially when from the other side of the coin you have the baby-brigade screaming for unicorn-poo and threatening to light the world ablaze if they don't get it? To whom does anyone with an IQ in the positive integers thinks that the "elites" in question are going to choose your side over the other? On what basis do you believe it?

Consider again the reality: if Theye ignore you, pretty well nothing happens... at least not immediately. Ignore the brigadiers and it's instant rioting. Even an honest "elite" does not want to be viewed as the guy who brought us burning cities. Therefore, he rightly gets on his knees and services the far squeakier wheel. When, in living memory, has it ever been different with any significance? Right.

Why would they want to rule ashes?
One man's ash is another man's paradise.

That's what their adherence to the prog system is. It's power but it's civilizational suicide.
If it's suicide now, it was suicide back when. So long as you can hold off the day of reckoning until three seconds after you pass from this life, all is good in the eyes of the insane.

We can only find a patron if we have something tangible to show them. We have ideas, we need programs and we need the practice.
This flies right into the idiotic. The FAIL is strong in this one, I see. Firstly, the dependence on a "patron" fails. Even the Ron Paul crowd has failed in this self-same way. Looking for a messiah is FAIL^FAIL^FAIL. It is ultimate FAIL and the reason why Empire societies are apparently inherently incapable of living anarchically. Put people into an Empire context and they go crazy in this way, always seeking to pawn off their responsibilities upon the shoulders of others. This is the prime example of a division of labor FAIL. This is why some form of authority is necessary in order to keep the general population from devolving into a race of tantruming infants. It is a sad, sad truth about the human animal. But then, there is the problem of corruption of those in positions of trust. Mr. Rock, allow me to introduce Mr. Hardplace.

The only hope, then, lies primarily in the attitude of the people. Clearly, however, people cannot as a rule be trusted not to go down the rocky path of entropic decay in terms of attitude. The temptations of entropy are just too great. Therefore, if we are to retain the basic Empire societal schema, a proper structuring of the conceptual elements regarding governance is, IMO, absolutely essential. This brings us back to notions such as a Canon Of Proper Human Relations, as well as a sacrosanct corpus of specification and rules for governance and how to deal with violations of the public trust.  This is all doable. I've done it, which proves the case. But without proper attitude, even that ultimately fails.  But I also believe there is a way to best ensure the survival of attitude in synthetic social arrangements that are by their nature anathema to such world-views.

One of them is mandating two sessions of primitive living, one during childhood and once again in adulthood. For a full year, you live in poverty.  No cell phones, no supermarkets, nice clothing. In short, you live like a cave-brute, scratching out an existence for yourself with no guarantee of survival. If you survive, chances are fair to middling you will have come to a greater appreciation of not only your freedoms, but of the results of the free cooperations between men. And on the off-chance that you might lose sight of those lessons, you are once again called to spend another year as a young adult, prior to age 25 perhaps, doing it all again just to make sure you've not fallen into any badness.

It's not a perfect solution, but perhaps it is the best with which we can come up because if people have proven nothing else about themselves, it is that there is no bottom too low to which they will not fall, given the chance.

Just a thought, anyhow.

The storm is growing. Be a lighthouse.
Now with THIS I am fully on board.


End Text.

So there you have it, for what it may be worth.

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.