Monday, August 15, 2016

The Order Of The Empty Holster

Greetings once again!

People so often ask what can they do to help the cause of liberty.  The answers are usually simple, but that which those answers require in material action are rarely easy.  They are also often risk-laden and worse yet, ineffectual in a world populated (some would say infested) with people who are either incapable of or unwilling to come to some basic sense regarding the general timbre of our common daily circumstance.

Many people are simply too frightened to face the truth regarding the extremely tenuous positions they occupy in this world.  Damned near everything frightens them, and while understandable, it is of little good use to them or anyone else.

So let us forget the scary, difficult, and often ineffectual things and focus on a single simple and easy act that people can do on a daily basis.  It is a thing that carries little risk, costs very little to do, and yet delivers a clear and powerful message to those around them.

The simple act of wearing an empty holster in all the places where carrying a firearm or other weapon is forbidden serves to send a strong and unequivocal message to all people where you stand on the issue of your inherent sovereignty.

Free men who have been disarmed have been egregiously violated by those who have stripped them of their weapons.  Their most basic right of self-defense has been denied through denial of the means of exercise.  To defy such violation by bearing arms in such places and among such people who would see you disarmed is to flirt with imprisonment and even death.

While one day circumstance may dictate otherwise, most people today do not wish to suffer the consequences commonly associated with showing the temerity of asserting one's right to keep and bear arms for all morally defensible purposes.  But that does not mean that one cannot express defiance in other ways; ways that, were those in false authority to act against you in violation of your right to free expression, would bring a spotlight upon them that they have generally attempted to avoid with some non-trivial effort.

To that end, I do hereby ordain and establish the Order Of The Empty Holster (OOTEH).  Let all free men openly show the contempt in which they hold those who through the threat and application of violence, deny, dispirit, derogate, and otherwise insult the fundamental rights of good and free people.  Let the free man, fed up with such boorishly unjust and criminal treatment, express his venom by arraying himself openly and conspicuously in the finery of an empty holster.

Let the symbol of the Order be the Japanese (kanji) character utsu, meaning "strike", the imperative conjugate form being ute and pronounced OOTEH, a command to strike or attack:

擊 (strike) kanji

If you truly wish to make a statement without having to risk much, one of the greatest bangs for your buck shall be the display of an empty holster.  Holsters are almost universally recognized for what they are and the message you send will carry force without lending great pretext to anyone to act in further violation of your rights.  This is not to say that the act is risk-free.  But then, neither is getting out of bed every morning.

Wear your holsters empty if you cannot wear them properly filled.  Let those who denigrate you with their invalid, unjust, and criminally violative statutes see where you stand.  Let them know that you are aware and that neither do you waive any right denied, nor do you forgive the transgression.  Let them see good men by the millions show where they stand in the clear and non-equivocating language of the Order Of The Empty Holster.

Let it not be said that you did nothing in pursuit of your own freedom.

Let it not be said you shrank away from your duty to yourself, cowering in fear.

Let it not be said your avarice for comfort drove you to self-betrayal.

Let it not be said you were ignorant of your rightful place in this world.

Let it not be said that you were too lazy to act even this much on your own behalf.

And if at the end of it you cannot get up the steam to work toward your own benefit, think about your children; your nieces, nephews, and other young people for whom you may have fondness and affection.  Think of the world they will inherit if you do nothing to correct the horribly malformed circumstances of ignorance and corruption that have driven us to this sadly discounted state of effective servitude.

So it is written.  So it shall be done.

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.

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